Conservative Republicans and Tea Party people tried, starting in January 2009, to find a way of getting rid of President Barack Obama and his Administration. They wasted a large amount of time looking for smoking guns, links to the inner circle of the Oval Office and for telltale e-mails. We got closer to some truths but we were nowhere close to achieving our objective. To me, as a Conservative Republican, it was embarrassing. This time wasted could have been spent on reimaging the Republican brand and then selling the newly formed brand to an American people hungering for a way to get back to prosperity and the way we were.

With the incandescent compendium of scandals which would have brought a Republican President down, one wonders why this didn’t come close to happening to President Obama. Every time a new scandal was unearthed, we were told that it was the final straw. But it never was. Nothing, of any consequence, ever happened. “Fast & Furious”, “Benghazi”, “The IRS Targeting”, “The NSA Snooping on Americans”, “The Dismal Launch of Obamacare”, the “If you like your doctor…misrepresentation”,  “The Diminution of the American Power on the World Stage” and then the emotional “VA Abuse” scandal.  Why didn’t any of this stick to Obama? Why didn’t all these scandals call for impeachment hearings?

Here is why: Those who could impeach Mr. Obama were missing the tools required to bring down an administration. Like the “Saturday morning” handyman, at home, attempting to save some money by fixing his own kitchen sink without an assortment of monkey wrenches, those who would fire the President were missing the only tools capable of getting the job done. It was what Congress had when Richard Nixon was removed from office. Yes, I know, he resigned. He had to; to get the next President to pardon him. Congress made him resign under threat of being indicted by the Senate. So, what was this magical tool that they had in 1974? The single answer is: THE FOURTH ESTATE.

Without the mainstream press, Congress is powerless. They are powerless because the basics of our system really work.

Thomas Jefferson was convinced of this:

“The basis of our governments being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. ….

 Jefferson knew that disseminating the truthful news was essential to an educated and informed electorate. The people are really in charge, as they should be. The threat, for an incumbent Senator or Congressman seeking re-election, of sinking in the next election is real and the press is what makes that happen. The blatant Left Wing leanings of the press made them chose not to advertise the President Obama’s foibles and the American people, who had doubts about his job performance, continued to like the man, Barack Obama; the father; the husband; the basketball fan; the late-night TV guest. As a person, President Obama always rode high in the polls. The press, today, is anti-Trump all the way! They make no secret of this. Sometimes every anchor, pundit and opinion peddler on TV spouts DNC talking points which are so identical that it is almost as though they have been sent a circular e-mail before the news day started. It is embarrassing to hear it day after day. It seems that as dedicated as they were to preserving Obama’s image, they are dedicated to destroying President Trump’s image.

It was a couple of reporters from the Washington Post who tightened the noose around Nixon’s neck. As a person, Nixon was not liked. The press did the rest, which is history. We are singularly without reporters of that kind today. The ones we have, who labored under a misguided notion that it was their job to support the Obama Administration, now feel that they must do whatever they can to destroy the Presidency of Donald Trump. These were the solemn faces we saw on election night at MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC. A couple of them were on the verge of tears. So horrified were they that an outsider had won and their POTUS apparent had lost, that they resolved, many of them, on that very night, that they would end this Presidency as soon as they could.

So, Congress wastes many dollars on impeachment hearing and endless time looking for whistleblowers, smoking guns and colluding Russians, while the work of the people like infrastructure and healthcare languish o some back burner.

Let’s move on! Jefferson is rolling in his grave!

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