If I understand what the term means, then I need to say that I am distinctly not “Pro-Choice”. I will get into the reasons why as soon as I have established some fundamental facts.

First: I believe in God as Creator, among His other attributes.

 Second: I am a Roman Catholic. I believe that the Roman Catholic Church is not just another organization. It is a God-given recipe for life. To me, it is a necessity of life. I believe that the church whispers to all, that if a one follows her rules, one will never go wrong, morally and ethically. I frequently wish that the church wouldn’t just whisper this fact but shout it from the rooftops.

Third: if you don’t subscribe to either of the first two beliefs, then none of my arguments will make any sense to you and you will, quite possibly, adamantly disagree with them.

Every woman is in complete control of her body. Until she gets pregnant. Then, while it is still her body, she is leasing her womb out to another human being and the personhood of that being is protected under all the Laws of the United States of America. Certainly natural law and the moral deductions that flow from it. Here is my reasoning. A human egg left undisturbed will stay just that: an egg, until it is discarded by the body. Once that egg meets viable sperm and the two unite and conception occurs, life starts. Left undisturbed for some 250 to 270 days a human being will be born.  Nourished and cared for by loving parents this human being will become a productive member of that elite club of beings made in the image of their Creator. All women have a choice about introducing egg to sperm. I am not, by saying this, negating the horror of incest and rape. While these two heinous situations are abhorrent and very disturbing, an innocent unborn child cannot be murdered because it was conceived in this way.  I need to say, parenthetically, that I find it hard to believe, that liberal Americans who generally agree with liberal judges who let child molesters, incestuous parents and rapists off with light and sometimes ridiculous sentences, will willingly kill an unborn child because it was conceived because of rape or incestuous relations.

For me, what makes abortion a little less horrifying is an exception where the mother is in danger of losing her life. Unless the life of her unborn child is terminated, this woman will definitely die. There is no other medical remedy. In today’s advanced medical atmosphere this would be hard to find. There, almost always, would be some other treatment so, reluctantly, I feel that to spare the mother’s life, the child may be reluctantly sacrificed. But the mother’s life must be in serious danger. Not just threatened. Not just made a little harder because she is carrying a child. Not just because she emotionally upset. She must be in danger of imminent death.

The liberal argument that people like me, while completely unwilling to terminate life in the womb, do not agree with the Governments redistributing wealth by handing out chunks of money to women who have been abandoned by the men who impregnated them. The argument is that if people like me, think of life as so sacred why are we unwilling to nourish it once it comes into the world. To that I say that my feeling is that irresponsibility is what causes the pregnancy. I have the honor to know a teacher, who I have mentioned in previous posts, who will not discuss abortion and its implication without starting with a discussion of morals and moral behavior. I see his point very clearly. Immoral behavior, degenerating human beings to the moral level of alley cats and abandoning the sure knowledge that we are created in the image of our supreme Creator, is what leads to unwanted pregnancies. The laws which punish wayward fathers should be strengthened and the authority of the courts, which pursue these men, should be limitless.

Finally, let us bring back shame. The reader, old enough to remember the shame of being pregnant without being married, will also remember that it was what kept so many on the straight and narrow. Let us bring back the shame that went along with teenagers who got pregnant in High School. Let us bring back the shame that accompanied abandoning children one procreated without a care in the world. Let us bring back the shame that went along with accepting long-term charity, whether it came from a religious institution or the Government.

I said at the very beginning that if the reader did not accept my basic beliefs, none of my opinions would be acceptable. If you fall within that group and you feel like ranting, please do so. I have said my piece. Let the ranting begin.

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