For Halloween this year Nancy Pelosi is going as Speaker of the House of Representatives. I say this because it is surely a disguise. She certainly hasn’t been acting like a Speaker all this time. Bullied and painted into a corner by four freshman Reps, none of whom are old enough to be Senators, Ms. Pelosi has shied away from making any decision which might anger “The Squad”. Costumed as Speaker she will lead a vote in the House to formalize the Impeachment Inquiry on Halloween. All the Lefty giblins will show up for the vote.

But, and this is a big “but”. There are some thirty odd freshman and moderate Democrat representatives who come from districts which Trump won handily in 2016. Some, like Jeff Van Drew, have said they will not vote for the resolution on the grounds that impeachment would “not be good for Democrats or Republicans.” My left ear! It will not be good for them when they return to their constituents in 2020 and ask to be returned to the House. Rock and a hard place. Hate Trump and do something about it or get re-elected?

Reps. Colin Peterson (D-MN) and Anthony Brindisi (D-NY) are just as unhappy to be voting for impeachment.  They have suddenly had the epiphanic revelation that “a partisan impeachment” process is not a good thing. Will wonders never cease?

The Republicans in the House have suddenly developed the courage that it takes to stand up to purely partisan activity which bears no resemblance to public opinion. The fact that Ms. Pelosi cannot get her ducks in a row to follow her orders makes the vote on the impeachment inquiry shaky at best. Add to this the fact that under 40% of the population want Trump impeached. Rest assured that these are diehard Democrats. It doesn’t help that Democrats in the House committees are breaking all precedent in their quest for impeachment.  

On Thursday the vote will give Adam Schiff and his lynch mob, already in trouble for being heavy-handed in this whole process, extraordinary powers and will disallow the Republicans from asking questions or issuing subpoenas. There is, thus, no question that this vote and the ensuing hearings will not be bipartisan. Some Democrats are saying that the president should be allowed to prove his innocence.

But, that will never happen.

The “Hate Trump” brigade will try very hard to make this their agenda until it fails.

Right now, it looks like it will.

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